How do I keep my number when switching to SIM only?

Phone Bill Shock: Are You Ready for 2024's SIM-Only Price Hike?

Last Updated: 8th February 2024, 18:20

Brace yourself, folks, because your SIM-only phone costs are about to rise! This spring, phone and broadband bills are expected to rise up to 7.9% higher, to be exact! That's on top of last year's painful increases, meaning you could pay £25+ a month for the same plan you started at £20 in 2023. Ouch!

But before you resign yourself to paying higher prices, let's look closer. This hike only affects those stuck in contracts, so if you are contract-free, you are free to ditch the rising costs and save big! Here is how you can escape the enormous price hike:

1: Scout the Best Deals: Use our SIM Only Finder tools to see what savings await. You might be surprised how much you can slash off your mobile phone bill!

2: Switch Provider: If you find a better deal, don't hesitate to switch! Moving your phone number to a new provider is easy by requesting a PAC (or STAC) code from your current provider.

Stuck in a contract? You still have options

Thanks to Ofcom regulations, you might have the right to ditch your contract penalty-free if your provider throws a price hike your way. Here is how to find out:

1: Check the Price Increase: First, see if the hike is bigger than inflation. You can break free and move to a better deal with another SIM provider if it is.

2: Review Your Contract T&Cs: Double-check your contract terms for any sneaky clauses about mid-contract price rises. If it is not mentioned there, you are probably in the clear.

3: Sky Customers? Special Perks! If you are with Sky, you get a bonus! They offer a 30-day grace period after a price hike notice to exit your broadband or home phone contract without penalty (TV bundles excluded, sorry!). Check your Sky letter for details.

4: Act Fast! The Clock is Ticking: If you have the right to leave, don't delay! You typically only have 30 days after the price rise notification to make your switch.

If you are wondering when you can finally ditch your current phone plan and snag a better deal, here is how to track down your contract end date:

  • Check Your Network's App: Most network apps display your contract end date right there in the details section. Open it up and take a peek – it might be easier than you think!
  • No App? No Problem! Call Your Network: Don't have the app (or prefer a voice chat)? No worries! A quick call to your network's customer service will get you the necessary information.
  • Rolling on a SIM-Only Deal? Freedom Awaits! If you are on a flexible SIM-only contract, you are in luck! You can swap providers anytime as long as you give your current network 30 days' notice. So start browsing those fantastic deals on SIM Only Finder!

Ready to Find a Better Deal? Use our SIM Only Finder comparison tools! We will help you compare excellent plans from all the top networks so you can ditch the price hikes and find a SIM-only phone plan that fits your needs and budget. Remember, switching is easier than you think, and it could save you serious cash!

The Future Looks Brighter

There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Telecoms regulator Ofcom is proposing a ban on inflation-linked mid-contract hikes, forcing providers to outline any increases upfront clearly. While this wouldn't eliminate price rises entirely, it's a step in the right direction.

BT Group is also making a move, switching to a pounds-and-pence price rise model for new and renewing customers. While this doesn't guarantee lower prices, it at least provides clear expectations.

Remember, you have the power to fight back against these rising costs! Use the tips above, stay informed, and don't hesitate to switch providers if necessary.

These mobile providers are not raising prices in 2024

Despite many mobile providers increasing their prices this spring, a few out there are bucking the trend and keeping their prices frozen. Here is a table of mobile providers that are not raising prices this spring:

These networks have all said they will not increase their prices in 2024. This is good news for consumers who are looking to save money on their mobile bills. It is worth checking out the latest deals from these providers to see if you can get a better deal than you currently have.

Five Reasons to Switch Up Your SIM Now!

If you are feeling frustrated with your current mobile network, or are worried about the impending price rises, you are not alone! Switching to a new SIM could be the answer you have been searching for. Here are five reasons why it might be time to make the jump:

1: Signal Struggles? Get Connected Where it Counts: Dropped calls, slow data, and patchy coverage? Ugh! Ditch the frustration and find a reliable signal-strength network where you live, work, and play.

2: Deal Dilemma? Find a Plan that Fits Your Budget: Feeling like you are overpaying for your data? Explore new offers and discover a SIM plan that perfectly matches your needs without breaking the bank.

3: Perks Overload? Swap for Something You Will Actually Use: Do you ever wonder if you are paying for features you never touch? Find a network that offers perks you will genuinely enjoy, whether it's music streaming, free subscriptions, or travel benefits.

4: Roaming Blues? Go Global Without the Worry: Travelling internationally but dreading the roaming charges? Find a network with affordable and extensive roaming options to stay connected without the bill shock.

5: Simply Ready for a Change? Shake Things Up! Sometimes, you just need a fresh start. Switching to a new SIM can bring exciting new features, better customer service, and the latest technology – all wrapped up in a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Ready to make the switch? Use SIM Only Finder to compare amazing deals from all the top networks. It's easier than you think, and you could enjoy a better mobile deal in no time!

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