About Sim Only Finder

Sim Only Finder is a SIM Only contract deal comparison website. We specialise in SIM Only deals, and aim to bring you the most up-to-date deals from many of the UK's leading providers and networks. Are bespoke technology compares the market and allows you to filter and compare deals relevant to your needs.

What we do

We provide a service for people to compare SIM-Only deals at no charge to the user. We offer many different filter options such as Network, Data, Minutes, Texts and Monthly Cost.

Whilst providing users access to a comprehensive view of the market we also provide guides on how each network works, roaming guides and more.

Sim Only Finder also offers an offline comparison service, and we will help you find your next SIM Only deal for free.

How we make money

Our revenue is driven through commissions. When a user on Sim Only Finder finds a deal through our website and is sent to a retailer's website to purchase a sim-only deal we may earn a commission from the retailer or network provider.


Sim Only Finder exists to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information to users as possible. Our database is updated multiple times throughout the day to ensure the deals we are showing are still valid.

We also perform regular, manual checks of our deals to minimise the likelihood of any deal being inaccurate or out of date.

Even with all this process and checking errors can happen due to the nature of how we receive our data. If you spot any misinformation please contact us so that we can fix them as soon as possible.


Sim Only Finder is an independent entity. We are not owned or share any commercial interest with any of the retailers or providers we list in our comparison engine.

We aim to show as much of the market as we can in an impartial manner and are not incentivised by a particular retailer or network to favour their brand.

Market Coverage

The deals on Sim Only Finder represent the majority of the UK market. We aim to show as much of the UK market as we can and are open to adding new retailers and providers.

If you are a retailer or network provider who isn't currently listed please contact us.

Our comparison engine currently compares the following networks and retailers.


How we calculate costs

Our comparison engine is powered by data from multiple retailers. Our systems read each feed of data from our selected retailers and then transform the data into Sim Only Finder specific datasets.

This allows us to ensure that all deals that are effectively the same are grouped as one result on our comparison engine.

No retailer is given preference in our ordering, we show the deals based on the sort orders shown below. If we do have the same deal from multiple retailers we will show the network retailer deal first, if applicable.

Monthly Cost

The monthly cost is the monthly amount that you will have to pay to your network provider for the total length of your contract. Please note some network providers review this on an annual basis, and we have tried to make clear which networks do these on an annual basis.

There may be a special offer associated with your offer, such as 6 months at £1.95 this will be discounted automatically unless otherwise stated and will last for the duration shown.

Contract Length

Contract Length or Months is the total length of your contract, you are required to continue to make monthly payments to your network provider for this length of time usually giving 30 days' notice to cancel.


There are several Sim Only Deals available on our website that offer cashback as an incentive for you to take out the Sim Only Deal. This cashback may be paid in one lump sump or in installments, this is usually paid via bank transfer or cheque.

Please note you are required to adhere to the contract terms, failure to do so may result in the cashback offer being withdrawn. Please ensure you understand the basis of the cashback before proceeding.

Cashback Types

Automatic Cashback: This is paid automatically after the payment date, as long as you have continued to pay your monthly bills on time.

Redemption Cashback: This must be claimed manually, retailers will usually ask you to send proof of monthly bills along with a completed form, but please check before purchasing.