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Looking for a SIM only deal? Spusu is a perfect choice to consider. Spusu SIM Only deals offer a range of great value SIM Only tariffs that are great value for money. 

  • Uses the EE network
  • EU Roaming Included
  • Calls to the EU from the UK included
  • Prize freeze on all tariffs until 2026

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Spusu SIM Card 5G
Spusu SIM or eSIM
1 month contract

1 GB Data
You pay
per month
Powered By: EE Free EU Roaming Price freeze until 2026
Spusu SIM Card 5G
Spusu SIM or eSIM
1 month contract

5 GB Data
You pay
per month

4 Months at £1.00
Powered By: EE Free EU Roaming Price freeze until 2026
Spusu SIM Card 5G
Spusu SIM or eSIM
1 month contract

40 GB Data
You pay
per month
Powered By: EE Free EU Roaming Price freeze until 2026
Spusu SIM Card 5G
Spusu SIM or eSIM
1 month contract

50 GB Data
You pay
per month
Powered By: EE Free EU Roaming Price freeze until 2026
Spusu SIM Card 5G
Spusu SIM or eSIM
1 month contract

Unlimited Data
You pay
per month
Powered By: EE Free EU Roaming Price freeze until 2026
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Find the best Spusu SIM only deal for you

Compare SIM Only deals from Spusu based on minutes, text, data, monthly cost and contract length. Use our filters to find the perfect deal and save money on your mobile bill.

Spusu is a refreshingly different sim-only provider offering real value for money. With their generous allowances and competitive pricing range, Spusu is making it possible for everyone to enjoy the best possible mobile experience without breaking the bank.

Whether you are a heavy data user, a casual phone chatter, or a social media fiend, Spusu has a sim-only plan that is perfect for you. It is also refreshing to find a SIM-only provider that's committed to keeping costs down. Spusu has frozen all its prices until 2026, so you can rest assured that your monthly bill will stay the same for a while! Lock in your monthly plan fee until 2026, ensuring peace of mind and budget predictability without fear of unexpected price changes.

Spusu SIM Only

Why choose this option?

Spusu is relatively new to the UK SIM-only market, but it offers real value for money and uses a customer-centric approach. They are not just a faceless corporate mobile phone company; they are a community of people passionate about making mobile more simple, fair, and affordable for everyone. They actively involve their customers in decision-making and continually use feedback to improve their services.

With their generous allowances and competitive pricing, you are getting more for your money than you would with many other SIM-only providers. Spusu's plans are all about simplicity and fairness. There are no hidden fees or complicated contracts, and Spusu offers the flexibility to switch or cancel your plan anytime, without penalty.

An Introduction To Spusu

Spusu is a European telecommunication brand focusing on simplicity, fairness, and customer-centricity. They offer a range of SIM-only plans with no hidden fees or complex contracts.

Their customer support is readily available, and they prioritise in-house development and regionality. As a 100% family-owned company, they strive to provide reliable and transparent services for everyone.

What Network Does Spusu Run On?

Spusu runs on the EE network, which is widely regarded as one of the best in the UK regarding coverage and reliability. This means you can be sure of having a strong signal wherever you go, whether in the city, town or countryside.

Can I Get Unlimited Data With a Spusu SIM?

Spusu offers a range of affordable SIM-only plans, from their 20 plan, which offers 20GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts for just £9.90 per month, which is ideal for the casual user, to their Unlimited plan for £34.90 per month.

The Unlimited plan comes with unlimited data, unlimited minutes and texts, and access to the UK's fastest 5G network, letting you stream, download, and browse without limits.

Can I Use My Spusu SIM Abroad?

You can experience seamless connectivity wherever your travels take you with Spusu's complimentary EU roaming. Enjoy unlimited data, minutes, and texts across the entire EU without additional charges.

Stay connected with your loved ones back home with free international calls from the UK to all EU countries. Spusu ensures you never have to worry about exceeding your allowances or incurring roaming fees, making it the perfect companion for European adventures.

Can I Get 5G With Spusu?

You can enjoy the ultra-fast connectivity of 5G across the UK, allowing you to stream, download, and browse without interruptions.

Can I Get a Spusu SIM If I Have a Bad Credit Rating?

You can get a Spusu SIM even with a bad credit rating. Spusu does not run credit checks on its customers, so your credit score will not affect your ability to sign up for a plan

However, it is essential to note that Spusu does require all customers to pay for their SIM cards and plans in advance. This means you will need to have the funds available to pay for your first month's service before activating your SIM card.

Spusu accepts credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, and Diners Club) and PayPal as payment methods. Payment will be deducted on a recurring monthly basis. You can change your payment method at any time using the Spusu app or your Spusu account.

When purchasing a plan, you will be charged a prorated amount based on the remaining days of the month, and you will receive a prorated number of units. The plan will automatically renew at the beginning of each month, and you will be billed then.

Which Size SIM Cards Can I Get With Spusu?

Spusu offers both physical SIM cards and eSIMs. Physical SIM cards come in standard, micro, and nano sizes to fit most smartphones and tablets. To activate your physical SIM card, insert it into your device and send an SMS with the activation code to 07356 020200. You will find the activation code in your contract confirmation email. You can use the SIM card immediately after activation.

Physical SIM cards can be activated within six months of receiving your order confirmation. Once this period expires, your SIM card will be deactivated, and you must order a new one.

Spusu also offers eSIMs, which are digital SIM cards pre-programmed onto your device. This means you can activate your eSIM without inserting a physical SIM card into your device. ESIMs are available for all Spusu plans, subject to having a compatible phone.

Can I Switch From My Current Provider To a Spusu SIM-Only Deal?

Switching to Spusu is a straightforward process. To begin, choose a plan that suits your needs and select the "Buy now" option. Proceed to your cart and click on "Checkout" to fill in the necessary information.

If you want to keep your current phone number, you must obtain a PAC (Porting Authorization Code) from your current provider by texting "PAC" to 65075. This code will be valid for 30 days and can be used during ordering by selecting the option to retain your existing number. Alternatively, you can contact Spusu's customer service team for assistance.

Your current provider will send you a PAC code within a minute of your request. The number transfer to Spusu should be completed within one business day on your chosen date. If you have already cancelled your contract with your previous provider, the transfer will be subject to the approval of your last provider.

Does Spusu Have Good Coverage?

Spusu has good coverage across the UK. They use the EE network, one of the UK's most reliable and extensive networks. You can check the coverage in your area using their coverage checker tool.

Spusu also offers complimentary EU roaming, so you can use your plan's allowances across the entire EU without incurring additional charges.

Overall, Spusu has good coverage across the UK, and you can be confident that you will have a good signal wherever you go.

Is The Spusu Network Fast?

Spusu uses the EE network, which is one of the fastest networks operating in the UK. Also, Spusu doesn't use speed caps on any of its plans, which means that you can enjoy the fastest possible data speeds available. This is great for streaming videos, downloading large files, and gaming.

How Reliable Is Spusu?

Spusu is a reliable mobile provider that consistently receives positive customer feedback. They have a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service, competitive prices, and a variety of flexible plans to suit different needs and budgets. This makes it easy for customers to find a plan that meets their requirements without being locked into a long-term contract.

Getting The Best Spusu SIM-Only Deal For You

Start your seamless connectivity and unrivalled value journey with Spusu, a mobile provider that prioritises your needs and budget with generous data allowances, flexible plans, and complimentary EU roaming.

Find Your Perfect Match with SIM Only Finder. Simply tell us your usage patterns, and our intuitive comparison tool will guide you towards the most suitable Spusu plan. Explore a world of possibilities and unleash the power of affordable connectivity with Spusu.

Does Spusu offer eSIMs?

Yes, You can get an eSIM when you buy a SIM Only on the Spusu network. If you already with Spusu you can speak to customer services who can help you switch to an eSIM on your current deal.

Can I get a SIM Only Deal with No Credit Check from Spusu?

Yes, You can get a SIM Only without a Credit Check when you buy a SIM Only on the Spusu network. Use our filters above to find your perfect No Credit Check Spusu SIM Only Deal.

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