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Looking for a SIM only deal? Sky Mobile is a great network to consider. They offer a range of SIM only tariffs, with great value for money.

  • Powered by O2
  • Extensive 5G Coverage
  • Data rollover

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Sky Mobile SIM Card 5G
Sky Mobile SIM
12 month contract

3 GB Data
You pay
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Powered By: O2
Sky Mobile SIM Card 5G
Sky Mobile SIM
12 month contract

5 GB Data
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per month
Powered By: O2
Sky Mobile SIM Card 5G
Sky Mobile SIM
12 month contract

10 GB Data
You pay
per month
Powered By: O2
Sky Mobile SIM Card 5G
Sky Mobile SIM
12 month contract

25 GB Data
You pay
per month
Powered By: O2
Sky Mobile SIM Card 5G
Sky Mobile SIM
12 month contract

40 GB Data
You pay
per month
Powered By: O2
Sky Mobile SIM Card 5G
Sky Mobile SIM
12 month contract

100 GB Data
You pay
per month
Powered By: O2
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Skyrocket Your Savings: Unveiling the Best SKY Mobile SIM Only Deals

Are you fed up with deciphering phone plan technobabble and navigating a maze of hidden fees? At SIM-Only Finder, we understand your frustration. Choosing a SIM should feel like something other than cracking a secret code! That is why we spotlight Sky Mobile, a breath of fresh air in mobile plans.

Forget confusing small print and surprise price hikes. With Sky Mobile, you get crystal-clear and flexible options for all budgets. Their plans are straightforward, easy to understand, and packed with tempting features you will actually use.

Ready to simplify your mobile life and get fantastic value without the hassle? Dive into Sky Mobile SIM-only deals below! We have done the research, so you can spend less time comparing and more time enjoying your phone!

Why Choose Sky Mobile SIM Only Deals?

Tired of unpredictable bills and locked-in contracts? Then Sky Mobile SIM-only deals might be the perfect fit for you. But the real magic lies in their rock-solid commitment: no mid-contract price rises. So ditch the worry, embrace transparency, and enjoy a phone plan experience that's truly reliable and predictable. Here are some of their highlights:

  • Say goodbye to bill shock! Sky Mobile guarantees no price rises mid-contract. That means you can budget confidently, knowing your monthly bill will stay the same throughout your contract period. It's a refreshing change from the surprise increases often seen with other providers.
  • Don't let unused data go to waste. With Sky Mobile's data rollover, unused data from one month automatically rolls over and gets stored in your "Piggybank". This lets you tap into that extra data whenever needed, for example, during data-heavy travel or streaming marathons. You can even redeem your Piggybank data for a range of exciting rewards, giving your unused data a whole new life.
  • With Sky Mobile, you are not locked into a rigid plan. Thanks to their Mix feature, you can change your data allowance whenever you like, even while your contract is ongoing. Need more data for a busy month? Simply switch to a higher plan. Data usage lighter than expected? Switch down and save some money. It is all about putting you in control of your mobile needs.

An Introduction To Sky Mobile

In 1990, British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) burst onto the scene, merging Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting. Soon, they become a media powerhouse, securing Premier League rights and dominating Hollywood movie licenses.

In 2016, Sky entered the mobile game with Sky Mobile, a virtual network using O2's infrastructure. Their focus on data-centric plans tailored for modern users, prioritising value over traditional minutes and text bundles.

Sky Mobile launched publicly in 2017, offering transparent, straightforward plans starting at £10 per month for 1GB of data. They also attract customers with a free "Unlimited Calls & Texts" package for existing Sky TV subscribers.

Sky Mobile continues to evolve today, lowering prices and introducing features like "piggybank" data storage and "cash-in" options. Their "Sky VIP" program extends to mobile plans, offering additional benefits to loyal customers.

What Network Does Sky Mobile Run On?

Sky Mobile has no network infrastructure; it operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). This means they piggyback on the existing network of another provider, in this case, O2. So, while Sky Mobile offers its own plans and services, the actual signal and network coverage you experience comes from O2's infrastructure.

This is a good thing! Sky Mobile customers benefit from the same 4G and 5G coverage area as O2, which is quite extensive across the UK. Sky Mobile can offer more competitive pricing or unique features thanks to its MVNO model.

Can I Get Unlimited Data With a Sky Mobile SIM?

Unfortunately, Sky Mobile does not offer an unlimited data SIM plan. Their largest data allowance currently sits at 100GB per month. However, they do offer unlimited calls and texts and various data-focused plans with features that might still be appealing, such as:

  • Data rollover: Any unused data from one month automatically rolls over to the next, allowing you to accumulate data for heavier usage periods.
  • "Piggybank" data storage: You can accumulate extra data by topping up your plan or rolling over unused data. This stored data can then be used to reduce the upfront cost of a new phone or even be exchanged for rewards.
  • Flexibility to change plans: Depending on your needs, you can easily switch between different data plans each month. No long-term commitment to a specific data allowance is required.

Consider other mobile providers offering such plans if you genuinely need unlimited data. However, depending on your average data usage and desired flexibility, Sky Mobile's data-centric approach with rollover and "piggybank" features might still be a good fit.

Can I Use My Sky Mobile SIM Abroad?

Travelling does not have to mean disconnecting. Sky Mobile's Roaming Passport Plus lets you stay connected and access your data without breaking the bank in 55 popular destinations worldwide. Roaming Passport Plus is a pay-as-you-go service. You only pay for the days you use it.

  • Enjoy your UK data allowance, calls, texts, and Piggybank data abroad for just £2 per day. No need for separate international plans!
  • Automatic activation: Use more than 10MB of data, make a call, or send a text to any of the 55 included destinations, and Roaming Passport Plus kicks in automatically, valid for 24 hours.
  • Explore Europe and beyond: The plan covers popular destinations like Europe (EU/EEA/Switzerland), the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, and the UAE.
  • Republic of Ireland: Use your phone as usual at no extra cost in the Republic of Ireland. However, international call and text charges from the UK will apply.
  • Channel Islands and Isle of Man: Your UK allowance for these destinations includes Data, calls, and texts.

Can I Get 5G With Sky Mobile?

Yes, you can get 5G. This is what you need:

  • Check Sky Mobile's coverage map for 5G network coverage in your area. Remember, the initial rollout might only encompass part of the area.
  • A 5G-compatible device: Ensure your phone has 5G capability. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S20 comes in 5G and non-5G versions, so double-check before connecting.
  • 5G network add-on: Activate this add-on to unlock the 5G potential of your compatible device.

Be patient! Sky Mobile is expanding its 5G network, so coverage might not be available everywhere just yet.

Can I Get a Sky Mobile SIM If I Have a Bad Credit Rating?

Every time you purchase a contract phone, tablet, or laptop or pay monthly accessory, Sky Mobile will perform a credit check, even if you are an existing customer. They utilise the latest available data to assess your creditworthiness. This means the outcome can vary depending on your current financial situation.

If I have a poor credit rating, Sky Mobile offers Sky Credit Builder an option for you to build your credit history. Here's how it works:

  • You take a SIM-only plan for at least six months.
  • You make your payments on time and in full.
  • After six months, your positive payment history with Sky gets considered when you re-apply for a phone or accessory on a credit agreement.

Can I Switch From My Current Provider to a Sky Mobile SIM-Only Deal?

Switching to Sky Mobile is easy! Here is all you need to do:

  • Pick your data plan and receive your SIM by mail.
  • Text PAC to 65075 for your switching code within minutes (or text STAC if you want a new number).
  • Activate your SIM and enter the code – Sky handles the rest!

Your switch happens within one workday (before 5 pm Monday-Friday), with longer waits on holidays. Your old service ends the same day you use your code.

For more information please see our switching guide.

Does Sky Mobile Have Good Coverage?

Whether Sky Mobile has good coverage for you depends on a few factors:

  • Your location: Sky Mobile doesn't have its own network; it uses O2's infrastructure. O2 has good 4G coverage across most of the UK, reaching over 99% of the population. However, their 5G rollout is ongoing, so 5G availability might be more limited depending on your specific area.
  • Your needs: Sky Mobile's coverage should be sufficient if you mainly use your phone for calls and texts in urban areas. However, if you spend a lot of time in rural areas or need reliable 5G speeds, consider a provider with its own network, like EE or Vodafone, which currently has broader 5G coverage.

How Reliable Is Sky Mobile?

Sky Mobile uses O2's network, known for good 4G coverage, reaching over 99% of the UK population. This translates to reliable service for calls, texts, and basic internet usage in most areas.

5G rollout is ongoing with increasing coverage, but it's not yet nationwide. 5G speeds and reliability might vary depending on your location. Network congestion in peak hours or populated areas can impact performance.

Sky Mobile's reliability ranks well compared to major UK networks, especially for basic usage. Other providers might be better suited for users requiring extensive 5G coverage or prioritising absolute network stability.

Does Sky Mobile Have Good Customer Service?

Sky Mobile is generally praised for its friendly and efficient customer service. They score well in industry surveys and offer various contact methods, including phone, online chat, and social media.

Sky Mobile offers clear and straightforward plans with no hidden fees. Their data rollover feature and "Piggybank" data storage add flexibility and value. Contract terms are transparent, and early termination fees are clearly explained.

Getting The Best Sky Mobile SIM-Only Deal For You

So, is Sky Mobile right for you? Weighing up the network coverage, speed, reliability, and value propositions will help you decide. But regardless of your choice, remember: getting the best deal is crucial!

That's where SIM Only Finder helps. We are your trusted guide through the complex world of mobile plans, including Sky Mobile's offerings. Here's why using SIM Only Finder is your best route to securing the perfect Sky Mobile SIM-only deal:

  • We compare plans from all major providers, including Sky Mobile, keeping our recommendations honest and objective. There are no hidden agendas, just the best offers based on your needs.
  • Fine-tune your search with our detailed filters. Specify data allowance, contract length, budget, network preference, and more to find plans that perfectly match your requirements.
  • Our user-friendly platform makes comparing plans simple and intuitive. Find what you need in minutes without complicated jargon or overwhelming information.

Don't settle for just any Sky Mobile deal. Let SIM Only Finder guide you to unlocking the best value and making an intelligent choice for your mobile needs. Start your search today and experience the difference!

Does Sky Mobile offer eSIMs?

Currently Sky Mobile do not offer eSIMs, you can compare all networks that do offer eSIMs here.

Can I get a SIM Only Deal with No Credit Check from Sky Mobile?

Currently Sky Mobile require you to pass a credit check in order to get a SIM Only deal, you can compare all networks that do offer No Credit Check SIM Only Deals here.

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